For my third test i liked to use a turntable from a friend of mine because in my theory it should deliver better results cause the lighting stays the same for all images. I tried to use a turntable before but only “freehand”, means i just used my iPhone and shoot some quick´n dirty photos – big fail – results were not useable at all.

I used the same setup as above, two LED-Lights but the camera was at a fixed position on a tripod and again i shot three rows to capture as much as possible from the cup-cake.

But checkout the “ultra dense” point-cloud after merging the three point-clouds together !
This is freaking amazing =)

Here are some screens from the final mesh, you can see the difference it makes using the ultra-cloud in the second picture especially in the “paper-cup – zig zag” region. And here is a quick Modo render using the older not “ultra dense point-cloud”, the pre-final mesh had also nice uv´s with only two uv-islands which makes it easy to paint extra maps like the one i did for the reflections.

I´m investigating more these days with different objects like a donut, a pixar walking teapot and a second cup-cake without the cut.
Overall i´m really impressed what Agis Photoscan can do in no time, i stopped the time it takes to take the pictures for the second cup-cake and it only took 6 minutes for all rows.